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Client Case Study: Floyd – Hip Dysplasia

Floyd was 8 months old when he developed a limp on his back legs. With Floyd been a nutty springer we just thought he had over done it and rested him and he seemed fine.

We took him out on a short walk and yet again he came back lame we took him to the vets and the vet said he wasn’t worried just thought he had pulled himself out on walks and to rest him for 2 weeks and give metacam.

We did and yet again he was fine so slowly introduced walks again. But unfortunately he could even walk on a 5 minute lead walk and he was lame. It was heartbreaking for us to see him like this.

Back to the vets and they X-ray him this was about October and that when they said that he had hip dysplasia.

We was so upset and he was so young and so miserable.

The vets referred us to a vet referral so look at our options. 1 was to have a total hip replacement. 2 was to have a partial hip replacement or to see how he goes and manage with pain killers physio and hydrotherapy.

In the mean time my sister works for Tinkerbel casa canine and recommended them for Hydro and Jess for his physio.

Jess was amazing and got the referral from my vets and soon started with his physio treatment. Jess explained everything to us and what was needed. Jess showed and explained the exercises that Floyd needed to build his muscles up to support the joints. Within a matter a weeks Floyd was doing amazing and we slowly increased his walks and now he’s more than capable of doing normal walks on and off lead without hardly any lameness and enjoying the life he should be Floyd is now 15 months old and doing what a normal 15 month old springer would be doing.

I’m over the moon as the vets more or less said Floyd would never be able to do what springer do but he does and he loves it.

He wouldn’t be where he is now if it wasn’t for Jess and the hydro team working together and putting plans in place

Forever grateful – Jo

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