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Case Studies

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Review - Vet Physio

A. Walker
Owner, Lexie

Jess has been treating my 8-year-old lurcher, Lexie, with both physio and hydro for over a year now. Jess solved our initial problem of a shoulder injury and we now have maintenance work as Lexie has ongoing issues with arthritis in her wrists.

Lexie loves her sessions with Jess and I cannot recommend her enough, she has an excellent eye and feel for problems and how to help solve them, and a lovely manner with the animals and owners.

Review - Vet Physio

J. Bell
Owner, Alan

Our bichon, Alan, injured both hips in the summer - it was so bad, we weren’t sure if he would ever become mobile again. Friends recommended Jess and, from day one, she was brilliant. Talked us through the best treatment options for Alan and guided us around pain relief and exercise.

She treated Alan's injuries with laser therapy and massage and made it easy for us to keep up the exercises at home. Four months on, Alan is living his best life - regular walks, manages the stairs and has started to be able to jump onto the sofa (but doesn’t like jumping back down again!).

We could never thank Jess enough! Her expert care, advice and patience have worked miracles and we intend to bring Alan for ongoing care forever. Highly recommended 🙂

Review - Vet Physio

S. Plummer
Owner, Point

Jess was fantastic with my boy when she first came out. He was slightly nervous about all the new equipment and equipment she was using however she took her time and was very calm and patient with him! I look forward to seeing her again once the lockdown is over to continue giving my boy the best treatment possible!

Review - Vet Physio

C. Howell
Owner, Charlie

I first asked Jessica if she could come and help with Charlie in May 2020, after being recommended by my riding instructor who said that Jessica was brilliant at what she does. I was having a lot of trouble with my 5-year-old (at the time), showing signs of tension and pain.

He’d buck every time I rode him, struggle to maintain any pace whether that walks, trot or canter and had started to struggle to pick up correct canter lead despite always being ok with this.

We soon found out through Jessica’s brilliant knowledge that Charlie was very sore and had lots of tension, particularly in his lumbar region. Jessica worked thoroughly on Charlie and wrote us an exercise program, taking everything right back to basics.

We did lots of hill workout hacking, and lots of pole work in straight lines, particularly in hand and on the lunge to build up equal muscle behind, (no canter) and we were advised to use heat therapy and daily carrot stretches after exercise.

We worked long and low for a long time to try and reduce the tension in Charlie’s back further. This was advised for around 6 weeks before Jessica came back to see Charlie for a second time.

Another exercise programme was given, again taking it all back to basics but this time starting to introduce canter. It was a long process but it was definitely worth it. Thanks to Jessica’s knowledge and magic hands and equipment, Charlie (now 7 rising 8 years old) is training at elementary-level dressage, with no bucking.

I will continue to have Jessica out to Charlie every 6 months as a routine part of owning him. I'm happy to say that Jessica is part of my chosen team of professionals helping me chase that dancing dressage dream, and would thoroughly recommend her to anybody!

(First picture shows Charlie before Jessica’s help, 2nd immediately after - a lot more relaxed).

Thanks Jessica!!

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