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Equine Services

Our tailored sessions target pain relief, muscle tone, and performance enhancement. We provide a full assessment to identify the areas of concern, after this we can then treat accordingly and then work on getting your horses exercise back on track.


We address conditions like arthritis, tendon healing, and muscle strains or for general maintenance purposes when your horse has not got any underlying conditions. Physiotherapy not only alleviates pain but also prevents injuries by strengthening structures. Let us help your horse stay pain-free and perform at their best.


Signs your horse could need Physiotherapy

  • Decline in performance

  • Reluctance to work

  • Behavioural changes when being ridden 

  • Negative associations with the saddle 

  • Uneven muscle mass 

  • Saddle slips 

  • Increasing work load 

  • Struggling to maintain contact 

  • Gait abnormalities 

  • Sensitive to touch or when being brushed

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